The "Sharing" Economy: Issues Facing Platforms, Participants, and Regulators A Federal Trade Commission Workshop #01451

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Shaikh Noor
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The "Sharing" Economy: Issues Facing Platforms, Participants, and Regulators A Federal Trade Commission Workshop
I have a family of four. Couple years ago my health condition went downhill, had to quit my job to be rested Doctor's Order. My wife was alone handling the income and taking care of my 2 children. After things started getting worse, rent overdue, all the bills overdue getting threatened to be kicked out of apartments I had to make my mind stronger, and slowly I got better. Now that I got better, the next challenging thing was looking for a job. No one and I mean No one wants to hire me! I have sent more than 100 resumes online, and staffing agencies, but no luck. Even my old job was doing so bad in business, they cut down employees. I had two options, either work for Gas Stations/Convenience stores which I didn't want to, since I had to sell some items which are contradictory to my religion or get a driving job. But all the driving job i came across, they want money up front, or CDL licenses or Hack License. I found one, but was on call, and from June till October, I only got work from them 3 times. Finally I came across Uber! There's a saying in my religion, you keep on knocking the doors until one opens. And it did! Uber! No up front payments, I get to use my own car, and best of all, I get to choose when I want to drive!!! Since September, I am driving Uber, my life has changed dramatically. All my bills are paid and nothing is over due now, I didn't get kicked out of our apartment, my rents are paid on time now, I get to buy new clothes and toys for my daughter, and son. I took my son to the movie for the first time. I get to spend on my family, as well as charity! I can't thank God enough for Uber! It is a blessing for me and my family. I pray to Almighty GOD to keep Uber going strong, and help many others. I get help from them by just an email so quick, it is faster than getting help from phone. The phone app, and the Dashboard on the net are so easy and efficient to use. I hope State of Florida realizes, all the goods that Uber has to offer to people of Florida! I just don't get it that Highly educated and smart people who are in the charge of Government offices, can't get the simple idea that Uber is the next generation Taxi Service. The most safest and affordable way to go where you want to go, with little or no waiting time, and clean, friendly and reliable ride! May Almighty GOD gives Guidance to Mankind!