The "Sharing" Economy: Issues Facing Platforms, Participants, and Regulators A Federal Trade Commission Workshop #01166

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Sybil Rosen
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The "Sharing" Economy: Issues Facing Platforms, Participants, and Regulators A Federal Trade Commission Workshop
I am most grateful that FTC is looking into the concept to "shared economy". The peer to peer platform is heavily armed and organized. They flaunt the zoning laws and leave it up to the host and guest to check local laws. How simple it would be to say NOT ALLOWED IN SINGLE FAMILY RESIDENTIAL ZONES. This buyer beware concept without taking responsibility is destroying neighborhoods and communities. The consumer never bothers to check the laws. Figuring if they are advertised it must be okay. Benefit to consumers is a reasonable vacation, a time for 8-20 people to stay in a home not zoned for this and time to party outside of a hotel environment. If the host or property manager gives them strict rules, which is doubtful, they just ignore them. Everything in the ads points to come and party. If the neighbors complain they may quiet down until the next one moves in. Tranquility and good neighbors disappear. Why do you think all across our country local governments are being forced to face this problem? Please do your research. These files are just a bit of the information on this issue. Lack of regulation and particularly enforcement is the weakness. Greed has once again taken over the better part of humanity. City & County Governments get TOT taxes even when they have an ordinance that does not allow that usage in the zone. Definitions are clear. No transient living less than 30 days in single family residential zones. Airbnb takes no responsibility for sharing information with the regulatory bodies unless their hand is forced. Only those cities that see how destructive this concept is have been strong enough to say NO. Created a lack of work force housing, clogged freeways as workers commute to a distant home they can afford, lack of good teachers available, lack of families with children in school, Lack of community volunteers and leaders and town transform into a tourist mecca with more than 65% of housing being short term vacation rental. How interesting that the very reason people come to these wonderful communities is being destroyed by the people that are taking advantage of this concept. Homeaway/VRBO is close to being a monopoly and very much focuses on houses rented for less than 30 days which is often just a weekend. None of these business care in the least for neighborhood character and stability. Just that almighty dollar. Property values go down. would you buy a home for your family next to a short term vacation rental? The only way one could sell the house is to an INVESTOR for another vacation rental and so goes the neighborhood. These are not people wanting to make a little extra income to help pay their mortgage. We are not denying anyone the right to rent their home just obey the regulations. We welcome long-term renters as they are often the service providers, teachers & professionals that we need to keep in our communities. Please take a hard look at this. Thank you for the opportunity to share.