The "Sharing" Economy: Issues Facing Platforms, Participants, and Regulators A Federal Trade Commission Workshop #01117

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Sariati DiPetto
New York
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The "Sharing" Economy: Issues Facing Platforms, Participants, and Regulators A Federal Trade Commission Workshop
We are a couple with no children and we happen to be lucky as well because we inherited our house from family, in long island NY. In the past, this area was dwelled by blue collar workers, military vets and average middle class income people. As the years went by, things changed dramatically by white collar professionals who moved into the area. It is killing us as a middle class income family with these high taxes. We have to pay high property tax, school taxes which is astronomical and home insurance. All of these taxes comes to about 20k dollars a year. That isn't even including home maintenance and utility bills. We are blue collar workers and this is the only house that my husband lived in. He was raised in this house and for 49 years later I am living in this same house where my husband grew up in. We really love this area a lot. We live on the north shore of long island and our house is 20 minutes from everything and I mean everything. The beaches, incredible shopping, restaurants and NYC. 1 hour east of us are the wineries and farms. In 2 hours you will be in the mountains. Even though we have no mortgage and have no children, we are at the point no matter how hard we work as we both are not professionals, it is very hard for us to pay only the taxes. We highly considered in moving and giving up the family heritage. To move from where my husband was born and raised and also working 15 minutes away, it makes it very hard to get up and go. One day going to Lancaster and to Florida on vacation, we were introduced to Airbnb and we had such an amazing experience during our visits. That is when we came up with the idea and said." We would love to enroll our house into Airbnb." We were scarred in the beginning when it came to strangers living in our house. What was a brilliant idea on Airbnb's part was to have reviews from both parties. The amount of people that stayed with us, we enjoyed all of them and they all had great reviews as well. By us being able to get good reviews, it allows people to feel confident in staying with us. Airbnb is a brilliant website. Airbnb really saved us because we can now make ends meet when it comes to paying the taxes. We are also contributing to the economy as well by hiring all kinds of maintenance workers to help keep up with the house. We get compliments from the neighbors as far as the appearance of the house goes. Airbnb is definitely a learning experience for us. Because of Airbnb and our visitors giving us suggestions, we try to do different things in making our services better each time. Our visitors encourage us greatly and it is always a great feeling seeing our nice reviews on the website. I believe out of all of our visitors we had, I person gave us 4 stars, where as everyone else gave us 5 stars. We are incredibly grateful for the Airbnb website. We can now afford to stay in our house and to supplement our income. It is always scary to leave a job which my husband worked for 28 years and relocate. We were seriously thinking of selling and moving to a less desirable area which is more affordable. Airbnb is a win win situation because not only are we helping ourselves but we are helping so many people as well. People who come to visit us are very grateful to us because hotels here are very expensive. Again, we are incredibly grateful for being able to work together with Airbnb. Airbnb helps us to continue to live in this house. I believe that our visitors are very grateful having us being one of the Airbnb hosts in this area because it helps them to have better services at an incredibly fair cost as well as flexible options. We also have 4 bedrooms available, with 4 available sizes and 4 different rates. Not only can we pay the taxes, but it also enables us to have renovations here and there and having our house more beautiful than ever. More jobs and economic growth are being created due to Airbnb. Airbnb isn't full of hot air, it is cool quality air. Tks u very much Airbnb