The "Sharing" Economy: Issues Facing Platforms, Participants, and Regulators A Federal Trade Commission Workshop #01072

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Pilar Mojaiber
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The "Sharing" Economy: Issues Facing Platforms, Participants, and Regulators A Federal Trade Commission Workshop
Hi , my full name is Maria del Pilar Mojaiber Brabos. Originally I am from Cuba, but I have being in USA for over 3 year. I started with Airbnb as a guest and eventually I ended up being a host. My experience as a guest was great. I like to travel along, and to me it is very convenient price wise and safety . For a girl that travels along in different American cities to have kind of a "tourist guide" which are the Airbnb hosts, it is a plus . They not only recommended places to visit and where to find the things that you are looking for, but also hosts advice to guest where to go , what places are more secure, what is the movement of the city, and so forth. When it come to hosting, I have several positive things to highlight about my experience with Airbnb. Being a host have allowed me not only to meet different kind of people and different cultures, but also have help me to learn about American business culture. Starting with customer service, Airbnb have standards of costumer service, which they make sure hosts get to know them . Airbnb is constantly advising us how to provide our guest a better experience when it comes to cleanness, communication, services, and so on. Airbnb have been like a school to me of how to develope my on little business, that it makes a lot of difference in lives of middle class people like me . By providing a great costumer service (which is constantly being evaluated by Airbnb throughtout the customers experience and rating ) people and family of the middle class can make their live easier when it come to pay mortgage and rent. What I have notice, it is that people are still very afraid when it come about security and safety. To me Airbnb so far it is very secure. When I started Airbnb as a guest I remember they did to me a background check, and then after they approve me as well the check your identity with other source of media. Moreover, when it come to hosting , I feel very confident being with Airbnb . Let's say I have a problematic guest I can contact Airbnb they will be there to answer me any questions whenever I'll need it 24/7 . As well I have the local authorities , I can call 911 . Normally when you have a reservation Airbnb advise me to keep communication with my future guests, which I do . I take advantage of this to get to know them better and have a feeling of how they are going to be . I ask them why are they coming to Miami or what are the plans they have. In addition, Airbnb give to host and guest plenty of options to solve most of this situations, it is like they are constantly training you . To sum up ,I just have left to say that as in any business Airbnb can have its very very litter issues , but which business does not have it ? I believe that Airbnb it great ! It has make my live easier specially for me, since I am a full time student with a biology major that intend to become one day a oral surgeon, and that I can only work part time for my school . Now I can work less, study more and even thinks in the idea of buying my own apartment and keep on doing Airbnb . Either guest and host that uses Airbnb need to have a clear and open communication, be genuine and honest . My police number one is to treat my guests the way I want to be treated, do more than my 100% best, and love human kind in general. Airbnb have taught me how to develope my own litter business with success so far, Airbnb have help me to focus more on my school so I can get better grades for med school , Airbnb have gave the inspiration of buying my own place which I'm already looking for . In other words, whether you decide to keep it or not , this is my experience as a host, I am and I will be always great full for this experience which has being only possible to me in America . With kind regards, Pilar Mojaiber