The "Sharing" Economy: Issues Facing Platforms, Participants, and Regulators A Federal Trade Commission Workshop #00736

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The "Sharing" Economy: Issues Facing Platforms, Participants, and Regulators A Federal Trade Commission Workshop
Greetings and Aloha to all. I am contributing my statement in support of a "Shared" economy that has taken off in the last few years. I have found that by making my condominium available on, I have expanded my opportunities to keep my property occupied and well taken care of by the guests. I think this is brilliant and an excellent way to collaborate. Who doesn't like a "Win/Win"? Not only am I benefiting from sharing my home, but the community of Kailua-Kona does as well. If I may illustrate further, there is an immense impact on the local economy by having these transient accommodations. Literally, all the businesses downtown have benefited in some way to all the new visitors. My home is located at ocean front downtown and can be walked to by my guests. Every single review I had said the location is incredible. The local farmer's market is supported too, as it is a stones throw from my home. I feel it is important to remind you as well, it is a great way to visit our precious Islands with out adding to the pollution as walking to every restaurant and beach will not burn fossil fuel. Not only those establishments, but the local services like diving and snorkeling excision companies, small merchants and people who provide services profit and benefit from more visitors to Kona. It can be an education in the local history as well as environmental issues. For example, a local surf instructor, includes a history of the native Hawaiian's and the land surrounding. In addition he includes the facts about ocean marine life and protected species. People have come from literally around the world to stay at my home. Bringing this positive influence to a local Hawaiian economy is essential for it's growth. I believe it provides jobs. I believe it helps educate people about the precious treasure America has in one of it's own State's. People who share homes are supporting our global and ever expanding economy. It is a healthy and uncorrupt approach to investing and leveraging money too. That is why I don't mind paying a transient tax because again, the money is being put back for the greater good, for the entire collection of us and not individually, This is an important issue. I believe the "Shared" economy should be encouraged. Not only should these owner's be supported in this effort by the government there should be rewards for doing so. Please see this as an opportunity for healthy growth. More regulations could hinder the ease transactionally and deter others from doing so.