The "Sharing" Economy: Issues Facing Platforms, Participants, and Regulators A Federal Trade Commission Workshop #00612

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Lisa Glenn
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The "Sharing" Economy: Issues Facing Platforms, Participants, and Regulators A Federal Trade Commission Workshop
Surviving in paradise---- I have small biz in Hawaii and is only facing for the Japanese tourism, lately my biz from bed to worse because the Japanese yen too weak and I'm out my business for 6 month now, but the Airbnb of my hotel unit has keeping me busy and getting better each year. It is true, not just me all of us trying to makes life little better, I renting my unit cheap then the Hotel systems, at meantime I safe my commission sprat from the Hotel, and did my work though Airbnb, now I can gain more cash to pay my loan, for my basic living need, the income is better then the hotel manages for me. also temporary releasing my stressful situation of crashed my Japanese tourist business. Not just I have been responsible business owner for many years and the dispersed situation is not healthy at all. The Airbnb, gave me a chance to think more positive for me and my entire guess who renting unit from me too. Guess from Airbnb has never cost me problem and they all very happy and reasonable people, which I will say Airbnb made this safe system for all of us who living on budget still have the chance for making living little better, not just family vacations, for stressful individual get away, or students for get their short program done, it made lots middle class people life little easier too. As a government, our mission is leading the country happier and stronger, this should be as one of the very good example, for encourage people work for their reword for owners, also help the other travel affordable. Have our citizen happy also make impact to other country people feel more welcoming, sprat the happiness and peace to globe, we need more friend then enemies, and also is good chance for other country people feel safe and happy and welcoming. Airbnb did very good job for checking people, the face booking and credit card status check is all part of the checking point, made me as owner more trust and Airbnb are reliable. I'm happy and comfortable to using Airbnb system, I think this is very smart way to do business and also is push our commercial business in to the new level. Please do encourage Airbnb and other company likewise to continue the good direction and good attention, I do belive Airbnb will need more improvement, to continue improve their business; I will always be their fun. We believe living Aloha! Lisa Glenn May 21, 2015