The "Sharing" Economy: Issues Facing Platforms, Participants, and Regulators A Federal Trade Commission Workshop #00448

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The "Sharing" Economy: Issues Facing Platforms, Participants, and Regulators A Federal Trade Commission Workshop
Uber is pleasing passengers with free rides and favorable policies. Drivers suffer from the following policies but passengers enjoy them. Again, drivers are minority. Uber and passengers all together to bully drivers to the extreme as possible. Who cares about drivers? 1 UberX low fare at $1/mile in Dallas, Texas. 2 Out of every fare, Uber takes $1 first and split 20/80 the balance with drivers. Take a $10 fare as an example, Uber takes total $2.80 or 28% commission out of every fare. For a $4 fare, Uber takes $1.60 or 40% commission out of every fare. In my whole life, I never see the referring fee can go as high as 28 - 40%. Uber is too greedy. 3 Passengers can cancel a ride within 5 minutes after requesting the ride. When drivers received a cancel request within 5 minutes, drivers lose time, gas miles, car's tear and wear. Uber and passengers lose nothing. 4 When arriving at pick up location, passengers can make driver waiting up to 5 minutes before hopping the car. Sometimes, drivers can not park on the street and that's driver's problem. Who care? If you hail a texi, you need to be at the designated places or on the curb side and wave your taxi. Uber passengers enjoy greatest freedom of requesting an Uber at the price suffered by drivers. Who cares drivers? 5 Passengers disrespect drivers. They eat and drink in the car. They even try to smoke or at leaset, light up the e-cigarette. If drivers disallowed them doing so, that was fine. The passengers will rate the driver with 1-star at the end of trip. Is this fair and justice for drivers? Who cares? 6 Uber short paid toll reimbursements and drivers suffered from the direct money loss. 7 Uber allows passengers not entered the destination but simply gave verbal commands to drivers. This is very dangerous driving especially in rush hours, a sudden turn or change lane. This also makes driving more stressful from a back seat driver instead of the GPS guidance. Again, who cares about drivers' sufferings? Uber already has tons of negative news. Please click If Uber keeps setting policies favorable to Uber or passengers and suffered by drivers, the tension will escalate to a higher level and I will not be surprised to see more headline (bad) news related to Uber. Uber said they are a tech company. not a transportation company. Passengers treat Uber drivers even worse than a taxi driver. Passengers perceive Uber drivers are idiots or suckers and even do not know the simple math. Everyone knows it is next to impossible to make profit from $1/mile fare. FTC do need to look into Uber's operations and their mistreating the drivers.