The "Sharing" Economy: Issues Facing Platforms, Participants, and Regulators A Federal Trade Commission Workshop #00078

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The "Sharing" Economy: Issues Facing Platforms, Participants, and Regulators A Federal Trade Commission Workshop
Uber is alluring drivers and deceiving public. Most Uber's revenues come from UberX. Therefore, we only disclose the truths about UberX. JPG01.jpg is the screenshot from 1 Make Good Money? In Dallas, current UberX fare is $1/mile and plus $0.15/minute. Minimum fare is $4. Fare is calculated from pick up location to drop off location. Uber will not pay any dead miles to drivers. Out of every fare, Uber will take $1 first and then split 20/80 with drivers for the balance. At a min fare $4, Uber tales $1 first and then takes $0.60 (20% of the balance $3). They takes total $1.60 which is 40% of the $4 fare. The poor driver will get $2.40 only. All operation and driving cost are all on drivers. I have driven UberX for 6 months. The average fare per trip is $10. Again, Uber takes $1 first and then $1.80 (20% of the balance $9). Uber takes total $2.80 which is 28% of the $10 fare in average. Uber roughly generate 30% commission from the fare. They use these commission to give passengers free rides to try Uber's cheap fare, better cars and reliable service. Riders love Uber. Drivers suffered the low fare. Who cares the drivers? Drivers are minority comparing with the number of riders. We see another injustice and bully case here in the USA. When government wants to regulate Uber, Uber asks riders sign in the petition and beg Uber stay in their cities. Justice is completely buried by the self interests and benefits. Again, only the minority drivers are losers. Who cares? 2 No Boss? Please see JPG02.jpg Uber is everyone's private driver. All riders become the driver's boss. Do I need to speak it more? Most riders do not respect drivers nor appreciate the service. Almost none will tip drivers. One time, I drove in downtown Dallas. It was pouring that day's morning. I helped passengers get in car first and then I took care of their luggage. They were dry and I got rain and wet. At end of every trip, I only received "Thank you" but no tip at all. I was wondering if I still choose to be a good Samaritan next time? Because the drivers are oppressed by the low fare, low rating, disrespect, and no appreciation. I believe the tensions between drivers and riders will escalate. There are already lots of negative news worldwide. I believe there are more headlines coming if the public ignore the minority, the drivers. Please read recent Uber news on the map with simple mouse clicks at