FTC, DOJ to Host Second Public Workshop on Examining U.S. Health Care Competition #00038

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Barbara Morrison
Wichita State University
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FTC, DOJ to Host Second Public Workshop on Examining U.S. Health Care Competition
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Advanced practice nurses have much to add to our health care system and need to be able to do so independently but in collaboration with other health care practitioners. Coming with a philosophy of health, wellness and the whole person/family group, nurses have a very different perspective from which to approach interdisciplinary care. More specifically as a nurse-midwife, I see my skills and practice seriously impaired by the current restraint of trade occurring in my community & state. I see: many women who are not given choices during pregnancy & birth, poor perinatal education and support regarding breastfeeding many unnecessary medical procedures Nurse-midwives' approach to care recognizes the normalcy of pregnancy & birth, the impact & inclusion of the whole family, and that birth is just th beginning. However, I cannot even begin to provide this support & education because 1) by state law I do not have independent practice, 2) local hospitals will not give APRNs privileges & I have to pay a OB-GYN to stand by every time I do a delivery. Being able to provide midwifery care in this community would provide women with a choice of the nature of care they receive, improve breastfeeding rates & hopefully decrease infant mortality. In sum, being able to practice to the full scope of my education would decrease costs & promote health. Since I became a CNM & later obtained my PhD in midwifery & maternal child health, I have experienced little respect for my knowledge & expertise, threats to ruin my career, & certainly inability to freely practice to the full scope of my education & expertise. As one vested in maintaining health & the natural/normalcy of pregnancy, I recognized when risks are present & I need to collaborate or refer to my physician colleagues. But a majority of women have very low risk pregnancies, thus could benefit from midwifery care. I feel like I am rambling. I am very very frustrated by the lack of recognition for the expertise of nurses and advanced practice, the lack of acknowledgement & appreciation of the very sound science of nursing, and most of all a general restraint of my trade (including being forbidden to use the title Dr. in recognition of my academic attainment). History has been very punitive to nurses & nursing, but we have prevailed, contributed significantly to the concepts and practice of health care, especially health promotion, and are now due recognition for our achievements & future contributions to improve healthcare & the health of all US citizens.