Federal Trade Commission; 16 CFR Part 304; Rules and Regulations Under the Hobby Protection Act #00004

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Kenneth Tireman
NC Coppers
North Carolina
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Federal Trade Commission; 16 CFR Part 304; Rules and Regulations Under the Hobby Protection Act
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The Hobby Protection Act is a brilliant effort to help protect the consumer from fraud, and it is well thought of across all Legitimate Dealers and Collectors Nation Wide. The expansion of the coverage and enforcement is sorely needed. 1) The expansion -- I would like to see a two tier level of requirements that in cases where Fakes are encountered, that these fakes are /can be confiscated from the owner and properly receipted and turned over to the Secret Service, and the dealers that discover them are protected by a “Safe Harbor” that allow the coin dealers to help remove these fakes from circulation. This would help immensely to get the fakes out of the market place and allow the persons caught with these to have to disclose where they received them from, and a follow up from the district attorney to pursue what is becoming a multimillion if not a billion dollar a year problem. 2) Enforcement - I have requested numerous times that Local and State Police, County Sheriffs and the Secret Service to take action against repeat offenders to no avail. I know that I can identify a number of persons that routinely sell Fakes, and I cannot seem to get any official to take interest, as they are saying "How do we know something is not real, what makes you an expert", "We only want to pursue those Persons / Counterfeiters where we can be assured of a conviction" these responses frustrates me beyond belief. What is the point of having legislation when no one is willing to enforce it? These people laugh at me when I tell them that to sell this stuff knowing it is not real, is in fact counterfeiting and subject to the same penalties as someone passing fake 100 dollar bills. Who do you have to know to get action from law enforcement related to this subject? I see complete disdain for the law by repeat offenders because they know that no one will enforce it. Please tell me what I can do to get the people who are tasked with this duty to actually do what I perceive as their jobs? I do realize that there is an issue of cost related to the resources required, but these can be compensated for through extensive fines from the courts for those who knowingly violate this law. Counterfeiting is Counterfeiting and must be prosecuted.