In the Matter of L'Oréal USA, Inc. #00032

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Margot Brennan
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In the Matter of L'Oréal USA, Inc.
Matter Number:

122 3016

The truth is L'Oreal knew its product did not perform as promised before it released same to its unsuspecting and unprotected public. On top of which, it spent oodles of money marketing same knowing every word to be, while simultaneously employing models to exploit women trying to look like them. On top of which, I can tell you, this behavior is NOT isolated. L'Oreal's "Youth Code Texture Perfection Pore Vanisher" is bogus as well. It's very expensive and what I refer to as "useless in a jar". What part of this behavior doesn't scream fraud to you. In fact, there is precedent for this behavior, and it falls under the False Claims Act. Therein, offenders are required to pay three times the damages their false claims incurred, along with legal fees. This is what is necessary to set precedent and finally protect the public from all such reckless disregard for those who purchase same in good faith - to include the merchants/retailers. You're all we have standing between us and our wallets/disposable income. On top of which, they aren't just selling useless product and bilking us out of billions of dollars. They're exploiting our female insecurities. Please send a message that's loud and clear that this behavior will not be tolerated, AND that offenders will pay dearly for such fraud. This is the ONLY way for-profit companies will understand and believe that you take such reprehensible behaviors seriously and that they will not be tolerated. This, in turn, will result in the vast majority of such organizations avoiding such ramifications. After all, who among us wouldn't steal cars, rob banks, embezzle money from our bosses, take whatever we wanted from the mall, et al, if there were no consequences attached to so doing? A great example is illegal immigration. No matter what side of the argument you're on, what no one can argue is that there is no deterrent to keep them from trying over and over again to enter the country, and so they do. They've gamed the system to make sure to give birth in this country as well, etc. As such, I implore you to hurt "them" in the only manner "they" collectively care about - in THEIR pocketbooks. That's the only way they'll get a little dose of what their victims feel like!!! Plus, it'll have the added benefit of forcing them to do what they were supposed to all along - produce products that actually provide bonafide benefits!!!!