FTC to Examine Effects of Big Data on Low Income and Underserved Consumers at September Workshop; Project No. P145406 #00005

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andrew bergwald
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FTC to Examine Effects of Big Data on Low Income and Underserved Consumers at September Workshop; Project No. P145406
Dear Sir, I have had voices in head for the past 5 years, and impaired spirits and motivation for 5 years prior to that, all with associated physical illness, and I want to inform you it is the consequence of a developer testing their technology on me. Legal authorities recommend medical treatment, and doctor's diagnoze it as psychosis, which is based on the assumption that such technology does not exist. Aside from seeking justice, my conscience tells me to inform others that these voices are implanted, because I am willing to work with any researcher, authority or corporation, it is a crime against society, which creates advantage in the wrong circles, and is particularly significant given the vital nature of the extracted information and its breadth of application. Meanwhile my suffering continues with the deep loss of self respect that is inevitably associated with it. The technology field is evolving rapidly, merging with biology and society through areas such as robotics, quantum computing, big data, artificial intelligence and even the NHS has the BRAIN project. It is a difficult to understand space to non experts, like myself, the media and public, and government authorities. While specifics are hard to remember(like our past thoughts), when I stood on the Bangkok train station last night, and had a voice response to my thoughts that the Bangkok Rail travels with greater frequency than Dubai, I recognize the power of Artificial Intelligence to know about our world simply by probing information in the public space. When I enjoyed the environment in the bar I went to, and noticed that I liked the other customers, I had a voice tell me it could recognize in my attitude what was appealing about it's format, and hence how the other like minded customers were attracted too. I am taunted by comments like "I think they don't care". DWAVE a subsidiary of Google and NASA, has last week announced a quantum computer, quoted by the BBC to have been thought 50 years from the future, and this company's development of this device commenced in 1999, 4 years prior to the onset of my difficulties. Softbank have just announced a robot that can read facial expression(only Japanese which differs to Africans, Europeans and other Asians) and communicate. Technology developers must research ethically, and enforce compliance throughout their organizations, subsidiaries and industry. This should include authorities being aware of the goals and progress in the field, and they can see there is a growing concentration of knowledge and power, in a few self regulated hands. The legal system has a history of eliminating extreme rogue institutional behaviour, to ensure reliable delivery for social benefit. What legal responsibility, would someone who had the capacity to put voices in heads, have to inform the government, and if they do how do I raise my issues? At this early stage there are few who could do this, and it would require substantial investment. It can read minds, so such a device in control of authorities could establish the veracity of what its developers said. Does DWAVE have this capability? Has Larry Page invested in projects with this as one of it's goals? At some future time if the industry or government becomes aware of the existence of such a machine, then it's personnel, should be thoroughly investigated as to how their devices evolved. A lag between achievement and informing outsiders of it, indicates a period of protracted testing and enhancement, recognizing such a device has a very broad array of application and influence. The power of this knowledge requires utmost ethics and discipline, in this area there is scope for unprecedented potholes on the road forward, and they'll be much bigger if no preemptive measures are introduced. Yours Sincerely Andrew Bergwald