FTC Invites Further Public Comment on Mobile Security #00013

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Craig Spiezle
Online Trust Alliance
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FTC Invites Further Public Comment on Mobile Security
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Thank you for providing the Online Trust Alliance (OTA) the opportunity to submit comments in response to the Federal Trades Commission’s request for public comment on mobile security. As a 501c3 non-profit, OTA’s mission is to enhance online trust and empower users while promoting innovation and the vitality of the Internet. OTA applauds the Commission’s leadership in facilitating this and related discussions regarding data collection, privacy controls and security. We have a shared responsibility to help prevent and detect malicious applications and provide notice to users. As mobile continues to innovate with new features and applications including ad supported services and data driven financial models. industry must become stewards of consumer data and help ensure their security and privacy. OTA looks forward to working with the Commission and other stakeholders developing future best practices, industry standards and codes of conduct leveraging our deep security and privacy expertise. Collectively we can enhance online trust and the vitality of line services.