In the Matter of Snapchat, Inc. #00028

Submission Number:
Dave Rahardja
Initiative Name:
In the Matter of Snapchat, Inc.
Matter Number:

132 3078

I am appalled by the FTC's ineffectual response to the lies and abuses that Snapchat has perpetrated against its users. This settlement amounts to nothing more than a wag of the finger. Most importantly, it does not adequately counteract the damage that Snapchat has done against potentially millions of people. I urge the FTC to levy a substantial fine on Snapchat as a deterrent against such abuses by Snapchat and others in the future, and to appoint an independent privacy and security auditor (paid for by Snapchat) to conduct periodic audits over the next 3 years, along with the threat of substantial penalties unless there is evidence of consistent progress over that time.