In the Matter of Snapchat, Inc. #00020

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Anthony Castelbuono
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In the Matter of Snapchat, Inc.
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132 3078

I am just one of the hundreds of million users who spends a fair amount of time each day on the internet. Here is my viewpoint, for whatever it is worth. The penalty imposed by the FTC, actually the lack thereof, encourages companies to blatantly lie to users about protecting their privacy and is counter to any rational public policy encouraging the use of the internet. Some substantial fine should be imposed so as to discourage Snapchat, and others who lie about privacy, to correct this and tell users the truth so that users can make intelligent decisions about whether to put their personal and private information in the hands of the company charged with safeguarding user privacy. If you are not going to do that, I personally do not believe that you are honoring your public mandate.