In the Matter of Snapchat, Inc. #00014

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Patrick Chu
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In the Matter of Snapchat, Inc.
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132 3078

This company is a photo sharing company. The one difference is that it falsely advertised that the images being sent between users was secure and private. This was a complete lie. The data was not secured whatsoever. So I ask, if a company is built on lies, what makes you believe that they won't decide to commit an even larger crime now that they highly valued and capable of using money to reign in their critics. If the data was not secure, who will be liable for past leaks? I believe there are currently laws in place/indevelopment for revenge porn. Would this not create a huge issue for the US Judicial System? Imagine in the near future, a huge leak of snapchat accounts or photos found in databases or users accounts. What if these photos are then circulated, wouldn't the victims be able to sue Snapchat on the basis that their lack of security caused the leakage of pictures that could be extremely damaging to an individual. Just yesterday, ebay was hacked. Ebay utilizes advanced security techniques that Snapchat couldn't even imagine to implement. So basically, hacking of Snapchat will provide the hacker access to the victims phone/social media contacts and access to their photos. Who's to say that a hacker could not secretly be capturing the images as they are taken in real time. No data would be stored on a server, but users would still be exposed to RevengePorn due to the vulnerabilities in the system