In the Matter of Snapchat, Inc. #00013

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Christina Lotito
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In the Matter of Snapchat, Inc.
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132 3078

Hello FTC! I am dismayed at your ruling on the Snapchat issue. I agree with the writer who asserted that this is a continuation of your "tradition of empty gestures in holding tech companies accountable to privacy promises." I believe that privacy is the biggest victim of today's "social app" lifestyle. Although I believe that each individual is ultimately responsible for him/herself, how are we supposed to make decisions when a company's policies and activities are not expressly stated and followed? For me, I am not as much concerned that the recipient of my photos on snapchat might save them (and thus exploit an image that I falsely believed had disappeared into the ether.) If you don't trust the person with whom you are sharing a picture ... or if you are sharing a picture for which you don't want to be held accountable, you really should have thought it through before you hit "send." I think the FTC has enough to do without regulating relationships and the stupid choices we all make. However, what does concern me is the data-gathering and sharing done by Snapchat itself. Unfortunately, money talks in today's world, and individual privacy rights are being lost in the rush to gather the almighty dollar. This has always been true in one way or another, but this problem has reached exponential proportions in the internet age. The fact that I can't block Snapchat from collecting and using data about me (for advertising or other purposes) is something that I would like to see addressed. And if the FTC isn't going to take this on, who will? Sincerely, Christina Lotito [REDACTED]