Proposed Consent Agreement In the Matter of Credit Karma, Inc. #00009

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Elton Crawford
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Proposed Consent Agreement In the Matter of Credit Karma, Inc.
Matter Number:

132 3091

The credit report agencies are causing me to pay additional insurance premiums and have caused me problems with establishing a line of credit. My wife & I have worked our tails off so we could retire and not have to take out unnecessary loans. We own two different homes in two different states & paid cash for them. We also own additional properties & have for several years. We have never been late on any payments such as Taxes, utility company bills, insurance, five different credit cards, etc., which we pay off at the end of each billing period. I have purchased six different vehicles (cash), two boats (cash) since 1995 when I retired. I just spoke to one of my insurance agencies & they said that my premiums are based on my credit report from Experian, etc., & that I was paying higher premiums due to "unfavorable" report. The fact that I refuse to pay interest to banks & loan organizations makes me a credit risk due to no credit history. These companies, like Experian, etc., are causing people like me to pay higher premiums and that is an unfair practice. These same companies need to earn their money & dig deeper into peoples real credit history. Banks aren't the only thing that people have to pay on a regular basis. I think it is almost lawyer time.