16 CFR Part 306; Automotive Fuel Ratings, Certification and Posting; Project No. R811005 #00053

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Adam Ackerman
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16 CFR Part 306; Automotive Fuel Ratings, Certification and Posting; Project No. R811005
Ethanol blending in fuel was the worst decision the Bush Administration made. I am a registered Republican voter and true conservative, however I fully disagree with the use of ethanol. The Bush Administration made a deal with the devil(s) (Democrats and Environmentalists and certain corporations [ADM for one])in hopes of bridging the divide between the Administration and Congress only to get nothing in return. Ethanol's affects on internal combustion engines is unproven in the real world. In the laboratories it works great, but there are three flaws I will identify. First, it is a breakeven proposition to produce ethanol. Having explored the profitability of ethanol for combustion engines while working in the distilled spirits industry, the numbers, no matter how you wanted them to appear, could not be made to show a significant profit from producing ethanol. Evidence? The numerous plants that have gone bankrupt, closing their doors, putting good people out of work. Second, taking corn or other feedstocks from the world's largest fuel source only increased prices of food in our nation's supermarkets assisting in creating the recession we are in now. Third and lastly, the practicality of ethanol is pure folly. Gas mileage decreases significantly leading to more fill ups for motorists. Has it ever been explored what the trade off is of greater ethanol use outweighing the fewer fill ups with conventional non-ethanol gasoline?I would venture to guess that overall more particulates are released from ethanol use due to the greater amounts used. The issue remains that no matter how ethanol is labelled at the pump, the wrong blend will be put into an engine that it is not suitable for. Who will pay for the repairs? The user; who is not only getting stung by the price of using ethanol, but also by the higher prices of foods created by the reduction of corn and grains in the marketplace. The best prevention is to eliminate ethanol use entirely. Thank you.