Announcement of Public Workshop, "Examining Health Care Competition" ("Health Care Workshop") Project No. P13-1207 #00049

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M. Mullen
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Announcement of Public Workshop, "Examining Health Care Competition" ("Health Care Workshop") Project No. P13-1207
To whom it may concern: I am looking forward to a much more active dialogue in our country addressing the unbalanced and unproductive portions of our healthcare delivery system. I find it fascinating recently that online and community resources have formed around the issues at hand (how to deliver affordable, cost effective, transparent, and conventional and complimentary medicine ASAP). In this I am referring, in the main, to the 'escape fire' movement, brought to communities and health departments across the country now documenting how our medical system in the U.S. costs roughly three times what is known to be spent in other industrialized countries, with one third the quality of outcomes - our report card is one of a failing system. Also, from a professional perspective I have been very impressed with the website which unites the military, some 40 medical schools nationwide, and concerned corporations in an effort to validate, document, and pursue a much more cost effective medical model via the incorporation of Integrative Medicine into our system of delivery of medical services, again ASAP. The reports around the adverse effects to the overall economy of the U.S. are absolutely mortifying, in that our cost-heavy health care system appears to be driving approximately one third of our national deficits. Image that! We are doing this to ourselves and need to make a huge shift and quickly, or suffer grave economic peril! This is the challenge. To avoid another impending Great Depression we need to mend our rewards to the big pharmacy and health insurance companies and monitor those entities much, much more closely, as it is they who have been driving the medical model to an all time cost-ineffective model. We deserve a healthier economy, and we deserve a transparent health care model and system that instead of this mess we find ourselves in now, is driven by a new and unflagging ethic of quality that embraces Integrative Medicine, and keeps us healthy using both conventional medicine and complimentary and holistic medicine.