Announcement of Public Workshop, "Examining Health Care Competition" ("Health Care Workshop") Project No. P13-1207 #00013

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Charles Nahabedian
VideoKall, Inc
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Announcement of Public Workshop, "Examining Health Care Competition" ("Health Care Workshop") Project No. P13-1207
VideoKall has invented Medex Spot, the world's first self-service primary healthcare system, which uses robotics and broadband 2-way audio/video callls, at the Point of Service (POS), to enable Nurse Practitioners at a hospital based Medical Call Center (MCC) to examine patients in Unmanned Micro Clinics (UMC). Each UMC is a 5ft x 6ft cabin typically installed in a drug store or supermarket and connected by satellite or fiber link to an MCC. Each cabin is equipped with a sanitization system, and robotically controlled and cleaned vital signs monitoring devices in a secure, private environment. Service charge per examination is typically $40 i.e. less than 50% charged by clinics with attendants, nurses or nurse practitioners. The markets for the MEDEX Spot Unmanned Micro Clinic (UMC) are (a) patients in rural areas which are poorly served by existing primary healthcare services; (b) urban and suburban areas with high & chronic illness, low income population who would otherwise use hospital ER; (c) travelers who cannot access their family doctor; (d) corporations who wish to reduce employee absence due to doctor visits by installing UMC at the workplace; (e) hospitals wishing to reduce ER uninsured patient losses and streamline low-priority patients by installing UMC in ER waiting rooms. For initial service, the FDA-approved vital signs devices include: Blood Pressure Cuff device, Digital Scales, Height Measuring device, Oximeter, Temporal Thermometer, Telephonic Stethoscope, EKG Glove interface device with disposable EKG Gloves, Spirometer, Microscope camera, and Glucose Meter. Patients with symptoms from seasonal illnesses, and chronic illnesses can be triaged,assessed and treated in most cases. Certificates can be provided for schools and camps. Patient could depart in 10 minutes with prescriptions, advice, and/or qualified referrals to labs, doctors, specialists or the ER. The nurse practitioner is conducting the same as face-to-face assessments as if you were waiting to see a doctor. This is indeed a low-cost, high quality treatment arrangement for over 50% of outpatient needs. The call centers are located at and operated by regional hospitals. As long as they are tied to EMRs and EHRs, Medex Spot is a low-cost portal into the area's healthcare systems. The ability to connect these micro-cabins with dedicated satellite links improves privacy, security and access to rural areas compared to other alternatives. Customer adoption follows the successes of self-service, desire for convenience, need for more healthcare access, low cost high quality options, and home-bound patients already using self-administered vital signs devices. Means to alleviate multi-state licensing of nurse practitioners and doctors, or burdensome pre-conditions will accelerate introduction and a significant cost reduction in outpatient healthcare costs to governments, insurance companies, businesses and the public.