FTC Workshop Analyzing Negative Option Marketing #527292-00002

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Michael, J
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FTC Workshop Analyzing Negative Option Marketing
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1.What are specific examples of consent when offers are made online? (A check box, scroll box, type initials into a text box below some text, or just a click to submit button)? 2. Can periodic announcements be sent via email or need to be sent via registered mail if customers signed up online? If email does not bounce back or if announcement sent standard mail and not received back as non-delivered, is that proper notification? 3. What is a far amount of time to review offer and decline? 4. Must you give the customer multiple ways to decline - regular mail, e-mail, website? 5.If you receive consent in advance online and make disclosures clear online, must those disclosures also be sent to the customer when company sends merchandise? 6. Do you still need to provide a return and refund policy if customer does not decline and you ship merchandise? 7. Please see attached example from Video Professor Inc. website for determination of clear and conspicuous advertising related to a trial conversion & continuity plan.