FTC Workshop Analyzing Negative Option Marketing #527292-00000

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Delise, Sandra
Resident of El Droado Hills, California
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FTC Workshop Analyzing Negative Option Marketing

PLEASE SEE COMPLAINTS TO OUR LOCAL TV STATION and I reported this to the CA Attorney Generals Office. From : Ming, Kurtis; Sent : Thursday, January 4, 2007 4:41 PM "Sandy Delise" RE: ILD and Nations Voice Plus | Inbox , ----------------------------------------- RESPONSE TO ME (on 1/4/07): Hi Sandy, This is a topic we've reported on. Although I haven't heard of this company, I'm very familiar with the practice. It's called Negative Option marketing... and companies you do business with are sharing your information with other companies. What happens, is you click ok on something on your computer... and somewhere in there it says you're going to be signed up for this service. It's deceptive, and a lot of states are cracking down. In fact the Federal Trade Commission is, starting to look into it as well. http://ftc.gov/opa/2006/12/negativeoption.htm I would file a complaint with the attorney general's office and the Federal Trade Commission.Good luck,Kurtis -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: Sandy Delise [mailto:] Sent: Wednesday, December 27, 2006 3:41 PM To: KOVR Consumer Investigation Subject: [I forgot to send subject line earlier] ILD and Nations Voice Plus Hi Kurtis, below is detailed information/complaint that I was on the telephone for appox. 1 hour to 3 companies today regarding charges that have been put on our AT&T billing for ILD Teleservices which is a billing company for Nations Voice Plus (voicemail company) which we did NOT sign up for. After researching online with consumeraffairs.com and typed in ILD, it shows 31 pages of complaints [need to go online to read a few] with various states about these false charges. Have you ever heard about complaints from other people in Sacramento. This is very frustrating and AT&T doesn't wait to address the problem, they refer to ILD, which refers you to Nations Voice Plus in Florida. December 27, 2006, A $12.95 charge was on our AT&T bill for the third month of $12.95. Sandy spoke with the following on 12/27 regarding information Ø ILD Teleservices Inc. and spspoke with a Jennifer and her supervisor Denise. They informed me that they were only a billing service for Nations Voice Plus and that ILD is a billing service for over 600 companies. Denise gave me the phone number for Nations Voice Plus (866) 527-4971. Ø Sandy spoke with "Jack" at (866) 527-4971, ext. 321, [Nations Voice Plus Processing Center, PO Box 15624, Clearwater, FL 33766], (866) 227-4201. Jack told me that company has credited back to AT&T the months of Oct. 16, and the Nov. 14th billing, and they have credited Dec. 11th and Dec. 12th charges. The credits should show back up on our AT&T bill in January. Jack also said that my husband (Dan) cancelled this service with their company on Dec. 6, 2006. The cancellation and confirmation number is, which is also the account number. Ø When Sandy asked Jack how this service ever started, he informed me that I signed up for it on the computer on Oct. 9, 2006 at 1:14am (FL time); they got the information from Fresh Deals Today.com. They have ALL of my information, including email address, mother's maiden name, address, etc. He told me that the voicemail service that I joined up for (not), I or someone that wanted to leave me a message on their service, would call (888) 566-6421 they I would give a pin number, which he believed (?) would be my home telephone number. When I asked him if I had ever received any voice messages on their service, he stated that that was confidential and he would not have any way of knowing. As I informed him, since allegedly they have EVERY information about me, that it was NOT confidential to myself. When I told him what estranged computer that the form was that approved this service, he gave me a computer IP #. I told him that I would have a computer tech check out my computer to prove it came from my home computer authorizing their company to bill AT&T; he informed me that IP numbers change every couple of months?????