Business Opportunity Rule #522418-12785

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Amillia Ashford
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Business Opportunity Rule
My name is Amillia Breann Ashford and my husband is Nicholas Adam Ashford. We have been IBOs for two and a half years. We have grown both monetarily and personally throughout our time with the business. We are looking to have Nick join me at home in the next year. When we were informed about the business the materials given were sufficient enough for us to make an educated decision that we are very pleased with to this day. In the process of sponsoring other people we provide them with the same amount if not more information that is new and recently come out. In every plan that every prospect sees before participating it is clearly stated that it is not a get rich quick business or an illegal pyramid neither is there any guarantees. All profits are based on their own efforts. Prospects generally spend $50-$150 to get started. If they do decide to leave all of the money minus the products consumed can be refunded. Our opinion is that this is a volunteer business. There should be no restraints on when an individual would like to get started. Free enterprise is just that. When the freedom of being of business owner is taken away, it is no longer free enterprise and looses its appeal. Seven days is not long enough for a person to change their mind either direction if they are a consenting adult who is educating themselves on a business decision. There is no way that corporations across the country would ever have to hand over a list of accusations charged against them every time a customer entered the door. Simply because this business does not have a brick and mortar store should not suggest different regulations. As more and more companies move to the internet, every business will have to continue to have equal rights. The economy will not flourish through the internet if this is not made effective. Again, just because there are no walls and floors to our place of business does not mean that the right to privacy of business owners should be violated. Having to disclose earnings or personal phone numbers is not appropriate when someone is still in training themselves. Most businesses fail within the first five years. If a prospect were to just be handed over the private information of how the business owner is growing it wouldn't show the growth potential. This notion is absurd and completely unnecessary. This is a good business that has enriched our lives with it's procedures and ethics throughout our entirety of work. These proposals should be stopped. The future for online business could be greatly hindered by these laws which would in turn effect the nations probable economic burst.