Business Opportunity Rule #522418-12779

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Reginald Raphael
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Business Opportunity Rule
My name is Reginald Raphael. Ive been a business owner for 2 years now and my expirence has been great so far. My goal in life was to be able to help people and I am able to help people become business owners so they can fulfill their own dreams and I can help people buy some of the best products that cant be beat anywhere. When I started till today, I have a mentor that guides and helps me with anything I do and need for my business to help be business stay productive and I love that about this business opportunity. This is not a get rich quick business but its definately get rich if you apply yourself. When I started, if I changed my mind and did not want to become a business owner, I could do that and I would get back my initial investment which is something that I cannot get anywhere. Along with that, it only takes about 250.00 to get started with proper getting started material, tools, an independant business owner number, some products and more. Waiting 7 days before a prospect can get started is ridiculous. I think that people including me are typically impatient. I certainlly dont like waiting for anything. When I want something, I want it immediately. I feel that other people work the same way. Thats like having a toot-ache and going to the dentist and then waiting 7 days for the dentist to order the tools to operate on you. It just does not make sense. I also think to ahve a local list to contact other business owners is also ridiculous. Its a fact that some people succeed and some do not. Its also a fact that some business owners do what it takes to become successful and other business owners watch how to be successful and dont do anything. Its almost the same person 1 that has a membership goes to the gym and works out every day and person 2 just has a membership and doesnt work out. It would be foolish to contact person 2 and ask them how is the working out concept going and hearing all the negative from that person. I also think that others wanting to contact me when ever they feel like it violates my privacy. I would still like my privacy as a business owner and I think that it violates that. What is an effective tool in my business is the fact that we have Product and System Meetings where someone can meet some of my mentors and other business owners and ask questions and learn how the business works at the same time. This is helpful because they see other buinsess owners doing this and just being around positive people that are trying to move on and succeed in live is just awesome. I am totally against this proposed law and I will make sure others are aware of this outrage! Thank you