Business Opportunity Rule #522418-12778

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Dheeraj & Rashim Rupani
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Business Opportunity Rule
We have been involved in the incredible QUIXTAR business powered by Britt World Wide support group for the last four years. We have reached the SIlver level in this business and are on Track to reach the Platinum level. The business fits very well in our lifestyle. Rather than watching TV we have utiilised our time to build this business and we have enjoyed the journey so far.Infacdt because of this business we have got great friends who are like infact more than our family. Once we reach the platinum level Quixtar will send us to a fully paid trip to ADA Michigan also like our uplines went this year. We will go next year. When we got registered in this business, we were given complete information to get started. We also knew about the lawsuits and was well aware about the quixtar response website also. But as an intelligent human being we made a decision on what we saw and infact we were given a money back guarantee for the first six months which we did not take because we liked the business. But there are people(IBO's) who got started and later on decided that they do not want to do this business and asked us for money back and we gave them their money back. There are law suits filed against Microsoft but we still use Microsoft products, and there are many more examples like that. Its like this if we go to buy a cmputer and the salesman promotes us microsft products and we are interested in Apple products that doesnt make Microsoft bad. SO its the same thing with Quixtar we present them with an oppurtunity by giving them complete info and rest is up to them. We also gave enough information to the prospects like the SA-4400 and other CDs and DVDs to review it and set up an appointment later on to answer their question if they have any and if they feel comfortable then we get them started. we dont want that they get started forcibly and then we get no return from the time that we invest in their business as this business is a win win business for us and the prospects whom we get started. we tell them that it is not a get rich quich scheme and that it involves hard work and that success is not guranteed. it takes about 160 to 180 dollars to get registered and a prospect who becomes an IBO and gets started can get all of the money back if they dont want to do the business.We dont see how this seven day rule would help the prospect as it is anyways upto them whether they want to get started or not. It usually takes that much time anyways to get the whole process done now if we add one more week, it will unncessarily dealy their success or failure, which ever one they get. In any case it is prospects waste of time as well as our waste of time. Secondly we invite propspects to an E commerce seminar where we want them to meet IBO's from the local area so that they can see and believe for themselves that this business works and even after that they do not want to do it we dont force them, they choose voluntarily to do it. So again we dont see how it would help them if we give them 10 references of IBO's in local area. Moreover if people give our name to 100 prospects and they keep calling us we will have nothing else to do but respond to prospects asking us questions about the business. As far as lawsuits are concerned most big companies have lawsuits but all those companies dont provide documentation regarding lawsuits when we buy products, so why should quixtar provide information. When we got started after getting information, we decided based on whether this is something that we can do or not as simple as that. We tell prospects that the average IBO income in this business and based upon that they can decide whether they want to do it or not. We also show them pictures of diamons and also show them their lifestyle. We also tell them how much money we are making and how the income keeps coming when we take day off from work or vacations. So we believe that there is absolutely no need for all these new rules.