Business Opportunity Rule #522418-12769

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Ganesh Venkataramanan
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Business Opportunity Rule
I would like to express my views on certain aspects of the proposed FTC rule. I am an IBO, associated with Quixtar Inc. I am very excited about the business. I have been an IBO since the launch of Quixtar in 1999. I believe it is a good idea, in general, to come down hard on bogus companies. It will make it easier to good companies, like Quixtar, which believe it building an honest business. There are certain aspects of the proposal from FTC which will tend to cause more problems than solve anything. One of them is the listing of all lawsuits. This may result in a drastic increase in lawsuits as competitors try and paint a bad image on us. Also, every person or company is innocent until proved guilty. By listing all lawsuits, in the court of public opinion, we are guilty even if the lawsuit finds us innocent. By the same token, imagine if every retailer like Wal-Mart has to put up a list of every lawsuit against it when people check out at the Cashiers. Also imagine, if every congressman or Senator has to open his campaign with listing all the lawsuits against him. I would like to express my opinion against this proposal. Thanks, Ganesh Venkataramanan