Business Opportunity Rule #522418-12768

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Amit Virmani
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Business Opportunity Rule
I am an active IBO building Quixtar business since 1999 to supliment my income. I have found this opportunity as excellent way to enhance a person's life financially as well as to give a quality of life for my family. My wife and I have gained immensly. Because of this business My wife quit her full-time profession to spend time with childeren. We have reached a level of Platinum and continue to grow our business to higher levels. So far our experience has been very positive. Quixtar as a company has always met or exceeded our expectations When we got registered we were given enough information and time to make our decision and I felt anymore time would not have made any difference, rather it could have diluted the overall interest/excitement about this opportunity. I feel 7 days between seeing the plan and registeration may have an adverse effect on overall growth of the business. People have the freedom to choose when they want to get registered/startetd and it should not be based on any time period. In this business sponsoring happens along with product sales, hence it is important for IBOs to keep their business balanced. By extending that gap between presentation and registration product sales will suffer and hence the overall volume will get effected adversly. I feel giving references of other IBOs may cause people to loose the prospects to other IBOs and it is not going to help in the business in anyway.