Business Opportunity Rule #522418-12753

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Mark Graham
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Business Opportunity Rule
While I understand what prompted the commission feel that action was needed in order to stop or at least impede fraudulent activities by a few, I will also say that once again the few companies that do conduct themselves in such a manner are making the "American Dream" for those of us that do operate in an upfront, legitimate manner, a nightmare. Instead of dealing with these companies that are operating using false information, etc. the FTC has decided to attack legitimate companies as well, or at least, try to impose rules on all companies regardless of what their track records are. Imposing rules like this is just another way in which the government of this great country chip away at the opportunities available to the common man. If a company is operating with fraudulent claims and the like, enforce the existing laws and punish the violators. Do not punish those that are operating above board and to high ethical standards. Try not to take the easy way out, we don't.