Business Opportunity Rule #522418-12747

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Thomas Warner
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Business Opportunity Rule
is my tracking number, continuing...He or She is told if they want out, all that money will be refunded, The seven day wait would serve no purpose. Provide references: If a prospedt called me, I would say "it is a good business", but it is non of the prospects business on how much money I make. The prospect can attend business meetings before registering and visit with active business owners. Litigation list: As I am the seller, Quixtar does not sell anything. What my legal history is private unless it is of public record. Earning disclosures: If you move product you make money. If you don't move product you don't. Average income numbers are useless. Some people work, some people don't. Those that do are successful. You can show if you move X amount of product you will make X. My financial records are personal. I doubt if very many employers would show financial information to someone that applied for a job..