Business Opportunity Rule #522418-12746

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Jigna Patel
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Business Opportunity Rule
Dear Sir/Madam, My husband nd I are IBOs with Quixtar since 1993. We have been enjoying best products and services from Quixtar. We are excited about your business and we see a very good future in it. When we were registered by my parents, we received enough information regarding the business. They thought that this business is good for them, it should be good for their kids. 7 days wating period We really didn't care about disclosure document. Generally, in our experience, people (prospects) don't join Quixtar, they join their upline IBOs. Quixtar is just a servicing company which delivers awesome products and services. We don't need any disclosure document to get started with our own parents. It's like asking your kids to move to different country after you send them disclosure document on a particular country. When my parents move to America, they didn't tell me that let's wait for disclosure document of America and if we like it, we'll go. My family migrated to this country without checking disclosure docuement. I know here we are talking about company not country but what's the difference? How do we know about anything without getting in first. I think seven days of waiting period is not going work for my IBOship. Please remove this rule. As it is Quixtar Opportunity has strong cancellation policy, if at all needed. Second thing, I would like to mention about showing prospects my financial records. I would not want to share with prospects as it is personal to me. If I don't share my personal (job) income with my job colleuge, why should I share my Quixtar Income with someone whom I am starting business with. Quixtar business is very open business. If prospects are smart enough, they will figure out on their own about my approximate income. Also, if I am a prospect and want to get started as IBO, I wouldn't want to know my upline's income, simply because if I know, sure I would have to share with my downline IBOs. As it is we do give facts and figures of Quixtar Income when we show the plan, why tell unnecessary information regarding my income. Also, let's say if rule says we have to then I would tell but as human nature, prosects would like to know not only mine but my upline and their upline's, and etc. I am ten deep from my diamond IBO, I would have to know each one of their's income and in my opinion, it's unnecesary inforation. I hope you cancel this rule as well. Sincerely, Jigna Patel Kuntal Patel