Business Opportunity Rule #522418-12743

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Kari Boss
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Business Opportunity Rule
I am an Independent Business Owner in the Quixtar family. I would like to submit comments on the proposed Business Opportunity Rule. I have been an IBO since last September. I am very pleased and surprised at what I have been able to accomplish in this business. I have achieved some income goals and have increased my understanding of business and business principles immensely since starting becoming an IBO. When I registered I was very aware that this business was NOT a get rich quick plan, I was told it would take hard work and that there were no guarantees. To that end I have applied myself. Points I would like to comment on are these: 1. The seven day waiting period: this is unnecessary in my business. The prospect can get their money back if they change their mind. Also, this would adversely affect the income for me personally and for the people I show this opportunity to and their business. 2. Giving every prospect a list of all lawsuits, arbitrations, and other legal claims for the past 10 years involving Quixtar and its IBOs where the plaintiff alleged fraud, misrepresentation, or unfair trade practices -- regardless of whether or not the accusation was true causes problems of its own. Among these problems, this requirement would open up Quixtar and other legitimate companies to false accusations. Meanwhile, dishonest companies would simply ignore the rule. 3. Income Disclosures - a simple, standard, easily understood disclosure such as "average monthly gross income for active IBOs" is what is needed, not a disclosure for every level. Multiple disclosures place an undue burden on the IBO and may actually confuse the prospect. 4. I feel it is inappropriate in my business to be required to disclose my personal income from my business. Besides privacy issues, this business opportunity is a "Pay for Performance" business and my prospect has the ability to make more income than me. My personal income goals and the prospects may be very different. I would not want to limit their income goals. 5. Providing references: this requirement would adversely affect my business also. I do not want my personal information given out by other people that I don't know. I would not want my prospect to sign on to someone else's business. That would not be fair. In my business new prospects have the opportunity to meet other IBO's at meetings and ask them questions directly. There is no need for references when face to face is available.