Business Opportunity Rule #522418-12730

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Gabriel Cruz
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Business Opportunity Rule
I believe in my opinion, having these rules will shutdown so many dreams and goals that will come to a point, that you will lose faith of what you can do in life. In my experience of being an IBO at the age of 18 years old has open more doors then I ever would of thought. To me personally, I came to a point that I told myself "I could buy what ever I want as long as I put my mind to it, and that's all it takes." I could be fiancially free and so many others. One of the issues that I have to come across is "Begin with your personal expierence." My personal expierence being an IBO has nothing to do with other people dreams. My expierence is for me alone, but if the prospect would ask I would reply "Is the best move that I ever made because this is a business of success."Another issue that I have is "The requirment for financial substantiation." That rule is not fair because they do not need to know how much I make in this business, the whole point is for them to succeed in this business and let thier dream become reality.