Business Opportunity Rule #522418-12712

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Farhad Billimoria
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Business Opportunity Rule
I am a Platinum IBO and now been in the business for over 3 years. Next year I will be an emerald and retire from my day time job. But most of all, I have made wonderful friends. I joined this business because I saw a lot of successful people wanted to help me make extra income. I went to a meeting where all information was presented and looking at the quality of people in that meeting, I knew that whatever it is, this business will turn out good because good people are in it. To this day I present the same information to others and give them a helping hand. I very clearly mention that this is not a get-rich-quick scheme. It will require hard and smart work. Neither can we guarantee their success because we dont know how sincere each person is in doing the business. All of my prospects have gotten started in the business in less than $150. And when they wish to leave or quit, that entire money gets refunded to them from Quixtar. The 7 day wating period proposed rule by FTC comes as a shock to me. If this really becomes a rule, that would ruin the future of EVERYONE (prospects and us). This means that if prospect is ready to get started and they are forced to wait for 7 days, they are more likely to become a victom of the negatives from other people. They could otherwise have used those 7 days to login to the website and share their positive experiences with others. All I know is with increase in time and no input to proceed further, they become cold and excitement goes down. The requirement to provide references - This is utterly nonsense. If all of my IBO friends provide my reference to their clients, I think I will become a professional reference giver all day attending phones and file bankrupsy. The requirement for financial substantiation - I disagree. When you go for an interview to get a job, do you ask for companie's financial records ? I hope and pray that the FTC will not ruin our businesses.