Business Opportunity Rule #522418-12705

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Fazeer Ogeer
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Business Opportunity Rule
FTC- My wife and I disagree with the proposal for the recommendation of the changes to the quixtar business. We have been independent business owners for the last three years and the way that we got started was very simple and easy. Some of the proposal such as waiting seven days before a prospect can get started is not necessary as most of the people who get started wants to have access immediately to the website and to the business so to have prospect wait may lose business for independant business owners. The other recommendation is to have 10+ IBO personal information such as name, address and phone numbers given to prospect is unsafe although the information can be obtained via web or a phone book. However, it puts a risk to IBO's and their families expecially if for example a prospect did not have a good experience with getting started or decided to change their mind and may have negative feelings about the business, then they know where 10+ IBO's live. The other proposal is to have the income be published is ridiculous. If a prospect truly is excited about the business opportunity and wants to get, they will get started with or without that information. I got started without any of that information available and is still excited today about the business the same way I was excited when I got started. The other proposal is to provide prospects with every lawsuit, fraud, etc that was ever filed against quixtar is ridiculous. If people were to check their the lawsuit and/or fraud filed against their employment would that change their decision where to work. The same applies as I feel that if you provide people with that information, it will have no bearing as to whether or not they want to get started with the quixtar business. Prospects should be able to make a reasonable decisions without restricition and/or limitations as to whether or not they want to get started with a business opportunity. So providing prospects with all the unnecessary information is irrevelant and should not have any bearing to the quixtar business or independant business owners. By placing such limitation, you would also hinder the growth of and IBO business. Please take all my comments into consideration as mentioned above I've been an IBO for the last three years and it's been a priviledge to be part of the quixtar business. There is no other opportunity out there that allows an individual to get started in a business and to have the freedom to build their business at their own time and also to be involved with an incredible environment. Changing the rules to the quixtar will impact quixtar as well as the independant business owner on many levels so please consider all aspects before moving forward.