Business Opportunity Rule #522418-12699

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Business Opportunity Rule
I think you should punish those that are doing wrong. Everyone should not have to pay the price for the wrongs of some. Quixtar is a reputable company that has done much good in this country. This country was based on free enterprise and with these proposed rulings it makes this country less free and weakens it. I do not believe that these rulings will prevent deception. They may even increase deception, if it is required to give every prospect a list of all lawsuits, arbitrations, and other legal claims -regardless of whether or not the accusation was true. If it's not true, it is deception. We already have a heavy burden of separating ourselves from the fraudalent companies in offering people a fair opportunity. This proposed ruling would make it more difficult to do that and snatch the financial rewards from would be potential IBO's. The fraudulent people are going to ignore the rule and the legitimate people may lose their business all together, weakening our nation. Every company has frivilous lawsuits; having a ruling which states you must show every lawsuit, I believe would mean less IBO's in Quixtar, which would mean less free enterprise in our country, which would lead to less and less freedoms in our country, which would utimately lead to a downfall of our country. Please re-consider these proposed rulings and pray for our country. Thank you.