Business Opportunity Rule #522418-12673

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Eric Anderson
Initiative Name:
Business Opportunity Rule
Thank you for your commitment to making sure that direct selling business such as our (Quixtar) maintain accountablitiy and intregrity with all potential business owners. I have reviewed the proposed rules and I believe that some of them are good ideas and others would hindred the progress of current business owners. I believe that a individual should have the right to register or start their business as soon as they are ready to take responsibility of business ownership. The prospective business owner and his or her business partner should take the time to read and review all business rules and regulations. Once he or she (prospective business owner) understands and agrees with all rules and regulations, they should be free to make the decision to start immediately. All IBO's in the Quixtar business are able to get a full refund in the first six months of them registering in they are not happy with their business, the business system or the corporation. I think that the Quixtar Business opportunity is great, but I don't think that I would want my personal informationr given out to every potential IBO. I believe that this is a infringement on my privacy and the privacy of every IBO whose name, address, and phone number was provided to prospects. There are a lot of major companies that experience lawsuits. Any compotent individual can research false and true lawsuits of any corporation. Walmart, Burger King, Star Bucks and a other of other major companies face lawsuits everyday. Some are valid lawsuits and some are not. My concerns is the false accusations that my occur. As far as providing potential prospects information regarding financial gains, I think that an individual should not have to provide their personal financial information to potential prospects.