Business Opportunity Rule #522418-12666

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Cyndi George
Initiative Name:
Business Opportunity Rule
I've been a Quixtar IBO for a little over a year, my bonus checks have always reflected my activity level. I am very happy with the business team I'm a part of, my mentors teach that honesty and integrity are of the utmost importance and should be practiced at all times in my business. I would like to make a few comments in regards to the "Trade Regulation Rule on Business Opportunities". The proposed rule requiring new prospects to wait 7 days after receiving a discloser would put added strain on the already full calendars of prospects and IBO's. New prosects should be able to register at the time which they determine. In my experience it typicaly takes 30 days to take someone through the prospecting and registration process. Providing new prospects with a list of IBOs would invade the privacy of those who are on the list. IBOs should not be required to provide new prospects with a list of all legal allegations involving Quixtar. Not all allegations would be credible. There are many souces at which a prospect can find credible information pertaining to Quixtar legal issues. IBOs should not be required to make finacial disclosures. This would be an invasion of privacy. Quixtar already provides information on what can be expected finacialy on average. These rules are not necessary and would only affect the honest. Thank you.