Business Opportunity Rule #522418-12664

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Arlen Robichaux
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Business Opportunity Rule
My name is Arlen Robichaux. My wife and I have been running our business powered by Quixtar for about 2 years. We have been able to meet our goal of purchasing products from our own business, while getting excellent products at great prices. We enjoy sharing this opportunity with others, so they may benefit and reach their goals also. One of our next goals is to increase our household income using our Quixtar business in our free time so we can spend more time with our children, and less time working. My personal goal is to retire from my conventional business by the age of 30. While learning about and working our Quixtar business, we have met people who are now closer to us than our best friends. We share similar goals, and applaud each other for reaching and exceeding them. Our children all know each other and play together. We feel at ease when we are with other Quixtar Independent Business Owners because we share a similar positive, success oriented mindset. Before we registered as IBOs, we were provided with more than enough information to make a quality decision about what we were considering. We follow the same guidelines when we register others as new IBOs, providing them with any information they need to make their decision. I describe that this is not a "get rich quick" plan as part of EVERY presentation I give about this opportunity. I also convey that there is work required, and there are no guarantees. The end result depends on each individual's (or couple's) work ethic. When someone registers as a new IBO, they can get started for as little as about $45 per year, or instead opt to pay $150 to also receive a "get started" binder full of materials describing how to build a successful business right from the start. If for any reason a new IBO decides this opportunity is not for them, they can get ALL of their money refunded. Many prospects, after listening to or reading information about this opportunity, are ready to get started right away! It would slow down everyone's growth exponentially if new people had a 7 day "waiting period." Providing a list of local IBOs to prospects is not only a privacy violation, but brings up the small risk that some new IBOs might try to "steal" your prospect from you during that call. Also, answering all the phone calls from other people's prospects would take too much time away from my business efforts and family time. This requirement is completely unnecessary because prospects usually have already met with the local business team before registering, if not soon thereafter at one of our weekly orientations. The proposed requirement to provide a "litigation list" does not make sense. Every large organization has negative litigation against it, and much of that litigation is without merit. Any prospect that would like to know about litigation against the opportunity they are pursuing can find that information for example on reputable web sites for free. Additionally, if a prospect asked me for this type of information, I would gladly provide it without question. Regarding the requirement for earnings disclosures, every business plan I share with prospects includes an average monthly income disclosure, approved by the FTC. This is all the information a prospect needs regarding income disclosures. As for the financial substantiation requirement, this again is a privacy violation. I should not be required to provide my income statements or bank records to prospects. What is important is how much money THEY want to make. We can then sit down with them and customize a game plan to help them reach that goal income level.