Business Opportunity Rule #522418-12635

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Rose Mauricette
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Business Opportunity Rule
IBO # 3523367 Rose & Sanel Mauricette, Brockton, MA Problem 1: Prospects would have to wait seven days after receiving disclosures before they could register. Solution: There is a website available for everyone to check the company. Eliminate the waiting period is important. In the real world, it is not applicable. Once the company is not a scam and it is existed, the person will be free to make decision immediately. If not satisfied, he/she can get his/her money back. Problem 2: You would be required to give every prospect a list of "references" -- the names, addresses, and phone numbers of 10 other IBOs in the area -- seven days before the prospect registers. References can be any one in the business, especially from the up line of sponsors. Giving people address and phone numbers of other IBO will be touching people privacy. Example, we believe in a lot successful company, but we don't have their Executives address and phone numbers. We have profile of success that can be a reference for those who want to believe in the opportunity. Again, waiting seven days for reference is unfair and reduce anyone freedom to join any group. Quixtar does not allow minor to join, unless patronize by a responsible person. Problem 3: You would have to give every prospect a list of all lawsuits, arbitrations, and other legal claims for the past 10 years involving Quixtar and its IBOs where the plaintiff alleged fraud, misrepresentation, or unfair trade practices -- regardless of whether or not the accusation was true All great companies have lawsuits against them. This is a law of doing business. They are all available to the public how many personal lawsuits are going on every day. This does not stop anyone to do business with other one. It is an unfair treatment; other companies will take advantage of this and make up lawsuit even if the positive outcome is not in their advantages. Any one is the business should be an Independent business owner; therefore, the possibility of getting lawsuit is greater, because each individual is a target. Problem 4: You would have to make a different disclosure for every income claim R- This is illegal. Income has always been confidential however; the average per level can obtain. Problem 5: You would be required to provide prospects with personal financial documents to back up ("substantiate") any income claim. R- Personal financial documents SHOULD BE PERSONAL DOCUMENTS. By disclose the financial documents; there is no security and open the door to fraud. Having W2 is not open to public, why the IBO income should be. Even if, in workplace, the salary grill is open just by class, not by individual, why should this be differently in the business. PERSONAL OPINION: FTC is a well established organization. The problems that they open to Quixtar are unfair and inapplicable. I will never disclose my personal life and income to the public, including my date of birth and social security number. I think every one is free in this country and can make decisions at any time they want. We are luck to have internet and other sources (BB) of information, therefore, anyone can open make some research and make decisions afterward. Being an IBO is being an Independent Business Owner and realizes the dreams I have and get as richer as I desire, by helping people to realize their dreams through a business.