Business Opportunity Rule #522418-12631

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Madalyn Ward
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Business Opportunity Rule
Dear FTC, I understand and appreciate your concern for protecting the public. I realize there are unscrupulous people in every business and MLM has its share. My experience, however, has been very positive. As a veterinarian I was working very long hours and still not meeting my bills. I was looking for some way to continue my practice but have some extra income that did not require a huge investment of money or time. I found my answer in MLM. I started with Cell Tech where a $60 kit was my only investment. I have build that business over 13 years to about $3000 a month of residual income. I learned incredible business and people skills along the way and feel I am a better person for being a part of this company. One of the things I love most about this business is how simple it is once you learn the basic system your company uses. I have recently joined Xango because the system for getting people started is even more straightforward than Cell Tech. I have had people cancel orders with both companies and this is a painless, fair process. I feel asking people to read large amounts of paperwork and wait before they can even get product will take the flow out of the process and drive away people who could benefit as I have from a duplicatible business model. As far as lawsuits, as a veterinarian I see frivilous lawsuits that have no bearing on the competency or caring of the doctor yet this record can greatly affect his practice. With the information readily available on the internet, anyone who wishes to check out a company's legal history can do this easily and make an informed decision without having the information forced on them. I don't know the answer about income claims. This is information most new people want to have. They want to know what you have made so they can have an idea what is actually possible. It is very important to stress the actual work that is required to make any significant income. If you feel some information must be revealed I would suggest companies make volume of sales each month a public record not income or cancelations. To force people to allow a company to make public their contact information or income I feel would be a breach of their right to privacy. The MLM industry has so much to offer for those wanting to start a business with low start up costs. Please do not punish those of us who are making a difference in our lives and the lives of others. Please continue to limit your regulations to companies with large startup costs where people could be severely harmed by fraudulent claims. The maturation of the MLM industry and emergence of solid legitimate companies with easy entry and exit policies will eventually put the bad guys out of business. Sincerely, Madalyn Ward, DVM