Business Opportunity Rule #522418-12625

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Yolanda Shepard
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Business Opportunity Rule
Comment #1 Stricter rules will be ineffective. Enforce the rules already in place. Additional rules make it more difficult for people who follow rules. Individuals who do not follow existing rules will not follow new rules either. They will be uneffected. Comment #2 The amount of money the sponser has made is no limitation or gaurantee on the amount of money the prospect can make, and therefore is a mute point. Personal income of the sponser is irrelevant, not to mention an invasion of privacy. The amount of income an individual can earn is based on two things: 1. the business model and 2. the ambition of the individual. If the potential prospect is shown how the money is made and told there are no limitations or gaurantees, but their income is based on their effort and longevity (which is currently done), all is fair. This rule about income disclosure could have several negative effects. #1 Potential prospects may join the business based on the performance of their sponser (not realizing that the main ingredient for their success is them) and may feel mislead when their efforts do not produce the results of their sponser. #2 Potential sponsers that have not produced the desired income that they would like will have a hard time gaining prospects, and fewer prospects may be interested in the business if they are not impressed with the amount of money their portential sponser is earnin. In this quixtar business, it has been shown time and time again that individuals can make more money than their sponsers. Comment #3 The 10 day waiting period is rediculous. People are spending less than 200 dollars to register and their money is refundable up to 6 months. We are providing opportunity, not firearms. Comment #4 The only references needed are the Better Business Bureau, United States Chamber of Commerce, Dun and Bradstreet, etc. Registrants are independent business owners. They are in business for themselves. The involvement of their sponser is strictly voluntary - there is no contractual agreement saying the registrant must work with the sponser. In addition, lines of sponsership can be changed. The business is not the is the quixtar opportunity. By the way, I have potential prospects in the UK and Nigeria. What exactly does "local" mean? This is a worldwide business. I'm running out of is almost midnight on July 17th. Otherwise I would have additional comments. Please don't stifle our persuit of life, liberty, and happiness. There aren't too many ways to get all three these days. Yolanda Shepard