Business Opportunity Rule #522418-12618

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Business Opportunity Rule
The FTC proposal for US business opportunities has some validity. We believe in clear, simple standardixed income disclosures applying to direct sellers. All should provide reasonable cancellation policies. However, a seven day waiting period, a reference list, litigation disclosure, my financial records? This IS the US not CHINA. And we need to keep it that way. My son did not fight in Iraq for more rules. Why? People do more when they are excited about a positive change in their lives. Waiting, makes our days not look so positive. Lost momentum! Plus many of us are traveling to a prospect on a week night, or weekend and may not be able to get back to them which would delay their business start up even longer, plus incuring even more gas and accomodation expenses. We are in business to produce income for all involved, not create expenses. Whomever you are reveiwing this note, do you want to disclose your finances to me? Its not where we've been, where we are, but where we are working to be at our goal dates. Please respect our business confidentiality and change this recommendation. Most litigation is with the corporation whose only existance is there to support us not the other way around. Please, please vote against such wording and requirements. Let's keep our free enterprise to keep the US a great strong country. If you disagree you do not belong in your position with the FTC. Respectfully submitted.