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Kurtis Preston
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Business Opportunity Rule
My name is Kurtis Preston and I have been an Independent Business Owner (IBO) through Quixtar for over two years. I have met goals which include expanding my business as well as my own personal development. My next goal is to achieve a foundation for success. The Quixtar business is a large part of my life, from health supplements to healthy lifestyle consumables and everyday homecare products. There are great benefits other than just income which include education in many areas of life and friendship. When I registered I was presented with the information needed to make an informed decision and I share this information with prospects. The people I discuss the opportunity with are informed that it requires work and is not a get rich quick scheme. They are given material to take home which is discussed before they leave. This material explains averages and includes statements that inform the person that success is not guaranteed. Prospects who register spend approximately $150 to register. This includes products to help educate them about their business as well as other startup fees that the corporation handles to ensure proper business status. Registration and all products have a six-month money back guarantee. This allows person time to begin developing business as well as products and services. I believe the seven day waiting period is not necessary and could be detrimental to many IBO's. This stunts the growth of all new people and poses a problem for IBO's just beginning their business. This could potentially stop many people before they even get started. A seven day waiting period limits people and takes away many aspects of Business Ownership. For people to own their own business they must be in control and if they are subjected to regulations preventing them from making money this is a negative. A seven-day waiting period is not a long time to make or break a decision, but it is long enough to stop someone from immediately growing. Other corporations (McDonalds and Subway) are allowed to start whenever they want. This should not be a limiting factor for building a business. It is not reasonable, nor applicable to require 10 referral IBOs in the area. The prospects always meet other people, however there are people that may not have the same level of integrity that people I am associated with. I don't think it is proper to provide the addresses and phone numbers of citizens of this country to anyone. Although many people don't have anything to hide if someone else is handing out addresses this would infringe upon many people's privacy. Does Walmart and McDonalds provide the addresses of their owners to every person thinking about buying some products? The prospects usually meet other IBOs at the meetings and seminars that are held. If they plan on doing legitimate research they will usually attend a large conference within at least 90 days of registration which falls within the 180 day full money back period. Lawsuits have no bearing on whether or not the business is legitimate or legal. If the business is legal, the ibo has time to do research, however providing litigation references is information that is either too overwhelming for people or not pertinent. Requiring IBOs to provide income for every situation is not practical. Since there are literally an infinite amount of possibilities it is not practical to provide every situation that may exist. We are able to provide prospects with examples from $7.50, $112, $1095 $2600 per month up to $150,000 per year, which then allows the prospect to determine anywhere in between and beyond on their own. In most cases the business is not built exactly as it shown on paper because people are people and their sponsored prospects grow at different rates. I would not be appropriate to share my own income, because it is personal and it is only one example. This is not professional and invades the privacy of IBOs. Thanks, Kurtis Preston