Business Opportunity Rule #522418-12602

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Amy Schaefer
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Business Opportunity Rule
The new rules proposed are going to punish the good companies for the actions of individuals representing poor companies. While I agree there is a need for regulation of our industry, the rules changes violate rights to privacy, rights to free enterprise, and common sense. The requirement of financial proof for every income claim is violation of my privacy. I should not have to disclose my personal finances to anyone, but to whom I choose and the Federal Government (only because of IRS requirements). The requirement to disclose lawsuits is unrealistic. If I were applying for a job with Wal-Mart, IBM or any large corporation, those records are easily available through public records search. Anyone can easily google search and come up with most of the same information. It is a case of researching the company you are seeking to affiliate with. I would do the same for any company I were wishing to work with. The requirements of a 7 day waiting period and referrals will impede with the progress of my business. You don't force companies to give referrals or make potential employees wait 7 days. Our experience with Quixtar has been nothing but positive. Quixtar goes beyond your normal regulations to disclose conservative income projections and after more than 8 years of affiliation, I have never heard anyone say that it would take any less than 6 -18 mos. to produce an substantial income. As a matter of fact the outer limit I have heard is 5 years. The company has backed every product I have purchased and I have personal experience with an IBO that requested a refund of their sign up fees and been given cridt for both the sign up and the products pack they purchased at registration (even though they had been used completely). To penalize a company such as this because of the actions of a few unscrupulous companies goes beyond the imagination. Amy Schaefer