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Business Opportunity Rule
I've been a business owner for around 4 years. I've become a student of the business and met goals like accomplishing the ability to contact people, to share the concept with people, and retailing. My next goal is to take it up a notch and to increase my retail sales. This opportunity is so great that in and of itself, the information gained can be applied to all aspects of ones life. you get true, accurate, applicable information that is not provided even in colleges. You get positive moral support; good books to help with dealing with people through all types of relationships; excellent training and counseling. When I registered, I got all of the information I needed. I was looking for a way to relieve my current lifestyle. I found out about a possible way, and I decided to try it. I saw others had various levels of success, and I thought I would have a good shot at it also. When I invite others to participate, I offer the same information I was given and answer any questions in addition. I let people know immediately upon my understanding they have an interest that this is not a get rich quick opportunity. I let them know it will take work. I give them literature that outlines how they can become successful and literature that gives a success ratio. I invite people to meet other IBOs. I share with people what amount of their initial check can look like as well as future checks. I make it very clear that the money is totally dependent on the work. The process is perfect as it is now, because it is not long and drawn out. If specific time frames (like a seven day waiting period) were in place, it would just waste time that could be used to give the proper hands on starting up knowledge. In addition, one knows whether they are interested upon hearing about the opportunity. Somehow, some way, when time is given, folks tend not to study more or think, but they tend to get sucked up into life and forget all about it. Exactly what is expected to be accomplished by a waiting period? Again, in my experience, folks know what they want when they hear of the opportunity and are more willing to learn by doing rather than waiting. There's no need to expose other businesses to prospects because businesses are privy to similar information. Furthermore, when giving information about other individual business owners, we put our own business in danger of not growing and confidentiality of personal information is compromised. If the proposed items were made mandatory, it would just be one more unecessary thing to do for the government, and not for mine and other independent businesses.