Business Opportunity Rule #522418-12599

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Sunil Devalla
Initiative Name:
Business Opportunity Rule
I and my wife have been IBOs with Quixtar for the last 5 years.We have reached a level of Platinum. We will be Emeralds by August 2007. Both I and my wife are busy professionals, I being Vice President of IT in a finance industry and my wife a OB-GYN physician working 70 hours and 100 hours respectively. We are working towards gaining more time for us to spend with our family apart from creating an additional source of income. It is possible only through Quixtar since it provides a level playing field for everyone. At the time of registration, we have received enough information to make an informed decision. We will provide the same information for our prospects before they register. We will clearly explain to the prospects that the Quixtar opportunity is not a "get rich quick" scheme and we will let them know that they need to work hard to get what they want through this opportunity. We will specifically mention to the prospects that there are no guarantees of success and it all depends on their efforts. They can learn through the educational system. We will let the prospects know upfront that the cost of registration is around $210 ($62 for registration + $148 for the optional product pack). We will let the prospects know that they can get back the whole $210 if they decide to leave the business. Problem # 1: We feel strongly that the seven day waiting period should be eliminated as it slows down the growth of our business and also the prospects have the discretion to leave the business if they are not satisfied. If the prospect decides to join the business after having all the required information, it does not give any benefits to the prospects by delaying the process. It would affect not only us as IBOs but also the prospects since they have to wait for seven days before they could register other IBOs. We will earn income in this opportunity by helping others create income for themselves. It would affect the profitability of every IBO. If the prospect after becoming IBO decide to leave the business, he will get back the money he has put in for the registration by sending a letter to the Quixtar. Problem # 2: This requirement of providing the references to the prospect would infringe on the privacy of every IBO whose information would be provided to the prospects. It will also affect us as we are required to provide the prospects information to all the references and anyone of the 10 references would be happy to register themselves. All our efforts would go down the drain. This requirement should totally be eliminated. The prospect can meet other IBOs in our group in a weekly open meeting before getting registered. Therefore, the requirement to provide 10 references should be eliminated. Problem # 3: This requirement would open up Quixtar and other legitimate companies to false accusations. In the mean time, dishonest companies would simply ignore the rule. Therefore, this requirement to disclose past litigation should be eliminated. Problem # 4: All the information is provided in the information package given to the prospect before they register. The prospect can thoroughly study the information before they make up the decision. In the information package, it is clearly stated how much an average IBO make per month. Problem # 5: IBOs should possess substantiation for any claim but should be required to disclose it except when required by the FTC and similar state agencies in an agency investigation. We believe Quixtar opportunity is one of the best opportunities in the world and the IBOs operate the business with pure honesty and integrity. We would strongly recommend to each and every citizen of this country to join our hands and create an incredible lifestyle for themselves and their families.