Business Opportunity Rule #522418-12584

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Business Opportunity Rule
Commenting on the Proposed FTC Business Opportunity RUle R511993, I urge the FTC to act in the best interests of legitimate and hard-working small business owners. 1. Eliminate any wiating period before registration, if the registrant is offered the registration fee back if not staisfied. 2. Eliminate the requirement to provide 10 references. - THis is mainly a privacy and fairness issue. 3. Eliminate the requirement to disclose past litigation. - This places unfair burden on honest business owners. 4. If disclosures are needed, require a simple, standard, easily understood disclosure such as "average monthly gross income for 'active' IBOs." 5. No business owner goes around brandishing earnings statements to other prospective business owners, whose potential and motivation to succeed might be completely different. Such action could unintentionally limit that potential. The situation would be different in an Agency investigation. Respectfully Submitted.