Business Opportunity Rule #522418-12577

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Judith Bergeron
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Business Opportunity Rule
My Husband and I became Team Builder Independent Business Owners almost four years ago. We took our time getting to know the products, how to get products from the Quixtar Order Consolidation Site, the other team members and the philosophy behind this business. There was no pressure to sign up. All our questions were answered to our satisfaction. This is the same way we sponsor people in our business. Since we started the educational and mentoring part of the business, we have grown more self confident and understanding of others. We read books by Robert Kiyosaki, Napoleon Hill and Dale Carnegie, to name only a few. The tapes we listen to are from other IBO's that talk about their experiences. The tapes are very helpful and many times very humorous. The financial disclosure issue is not one we agree with. The only time we would give that information is when we apply for credit or a loan. Other than that it is our own personal business and not for public access. To require us to let other IBO's give our names, address and phone number to their prospects would cripple the growth of our business. Say we have a group of 500 and half of that group works to expand their business only by one person each. That would mean we could receive phone calls from over 250 new people. How can we be expected to be able to help the people already in our group and be "on call" for the new contacts? Do you require the above information to be provided by other business owners like Doctors, Lawyers or other professional business owners? Our business is a franchise business that follows the same business model as McDonalds. Do you require McDonalds to list 10 of their customers or clients to prospect owners? As for the record of litigations: Litigation can be filed by anyone and last for many years before a final judgment is made. The assumption by others could be that one would be guilty of the charges that may, in fact, not have any foundation in truth. This could be very detrimental to ones business.