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Business Opportunity Rule
I have been a Quixtar IBO since Jan 1998 and my wife and I have reached the Platinum level and we are very excited about the opportunity as it has helped us create a good secondary source of income without disturbing our lifestyle. We have had the privelege of associating with like minded people and enjoyed the company of Quixtar IBO's to a large extent. When we signed up as an IBO we had enough information to make an informed decision and we did understand the fact that this was not a get rich quick scheme. We had the chance to meet other IBO's at open opportunity meetings and understood their experience and then took a decision to do this business. We give the same information to all prospective IBO's before they take a decision to do this business. They have a chance to come to the open opportunity meetings and learn what is required to make it successful in the business. They have a chance to talk to a wide variety of people from different backgrounds and come back and learn more before they take a decision. They are completely aware of the experiences of people who have made it in the business.It is clearly mentioned to them that there is no guarantees of success and hard work is requires to make it in the business. The proposed rule suggests that reference of IBO's should be given which might invade the privacy of IBO's in the neighborhood. In addition they get a chance to come and see these IBO's at meetings which are being organize. prospective IBO's are given an SA 4400 form which clearly explains the numbers and eeverything in detail to them.In addition prospective IBO's are told that there is a money back policy available and if they decide to cancel their registration they can do so within the required timeframe. In addition if the prospective IBO's know that there is going to be a 7 day waiting period and they have to provide references of people as per the proposed rule, most of them would not be very excited as people would liek to talk to their fmily and friends ASAP about this exciting opportunity. So in short this proposed rule would be very much a bad experience for both IBO's and propsective IBO's